Plywood Boat Video by GardenFork viewers!

I received this email today;

We are a group of design students interested in recording and documenting processes involved with boat building. We modeled our first boat on the one in your video, and would like to know what you thought! Have you changed your boat in any way since you first made it? Do you have any advice for us on how we could improve it? Please could you reply to us as soon as you can, looking forward to your response!

How cool is that? Wow I am flattered. They took the GF Plywood Boat Plan Video and made it their own.

I have to make some modifications to the original How to make a Plywood Boat ,

1.  Let the caulk cure more for the clear plastic window in the bottom of the boat

2. Use finish nails ( the kind with a small nail head ) to put the boat together and then seal all joints with fiberglass tape and resin.

This is neat. Thanks to  Jeak (Jordi, Ellie, Alex and Kate) !

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  1. says

    saw your video on the (one sheet plywood boat). do these boats have to be registered in Tennessee? did you ever put a seat in it?
    ps……….. looking forward to your reply

  2. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    Hi Skip, Thanks for the note, I do not know the rules in Tenn. Its a home-made small boat, it might not need it, but best to ask the state. thx! eric.

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