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| December 9, 2013 | 1 Comment
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Viewer mail starts our show referring back to a comment Rick made about electric cars. Then we talk about cooking diner with what’s in the fridge instead of going to the store to buy more food. With the basics, you can make all sorts of food.

Rick talks about using Consumer’s Report – new vaccum saved us from making a 300 mistake

We move on to the Alton Brown podcast, nerdiest stable, “the spice house” his favorite spice supplier

The revival of citizen science, amateur revolution on the rise

Rick is learning Final Cut Pro X , he says this is a great set of tutorials :


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  1. Dave says:

    Eric, Great podcast as usual and good to hear Mike back. Mike was talking about adding water to a pan that something was just cooked in to release the fond. (Them good burnt up bits!)

    What he was describing is a classic pan sauce. Yup, just like steak au poivre. Pan sauces are a great way to make a quick sauce for the protein that was just cooked. You can add cream, brandy, liqueurs, and don’t forget butter. When adding butter it is called buerre monte and it adds a velvety texture.

    I usually use vegetable stock, which I freeze in 1 cup portions in a zip lock. It will add more flavor than water. If I’m making chicken I’ll use chicken stock, which I have a ready supply of from all those bones from roasted chickens.

    When I studied at the CIA in Hyde Park I had a French chef/instructor who taught us the beauty of pan sauce for ala minute cooking on the restaurant line. That chef could make a stone taste great!

    Pet the labs on head and give them extra snacks. They look lethargic.


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