Grow Lettuce Mesclun, Salad Greens GF Video

Watch this video on how to grow lettuce, mesclun and salad greens and learn how to harvest salad and lettuce.

Until the heat of summer knocks them down, loose leaf lettuce is one of those low maintenance pleasures of gardening. There are a ton of varieties of lettuces/salad greens (which we’ll go into in future episodes) right now we are growing a bunch of Deer Tongue and Antares, both from Fedco.

Loose leaf lettuces can be harvested and then they grow again. All you do is cut the lettuce about an inch above the soil line with a scissors, and it will grow back. If you plant a few rows every two weeks, you can get lettuce for most of the growing season. With row covers or cold frames, you can harvest lettuce almost year round.

Eliot Coleman, in his book, the Four Season Harvest, writes at length on how to prolong your lettuce growing season.

Robin Follette writes about meeting Eliot Coleman in her Farm & Garden blog

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  1. Margaret in Texas says

    I am new to your sight. And new to gardening. I love all your tips. any place I can put compost I am Planting. I am all so going to be using Compost tea. I wanted to know do I water with the tea every day or is it less?

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