Re-Gifting is the new normal

I read the blog Brain Pickings – to me its a curated view of the design world on the web. Today they posted their Re Gifting API in the form of icons that tell the recipient its ok to regift the gift.

The season of giving is upon us — a time to receive a lot of stuff we don’t really need from people we care about, give them stuff they don’t really need in return, and do it all graciously, dancing a dance of feigned stuff-needing. But what if we could pass that stuff we don’t really want or need along to someone who might? What if we could normalize regifting, remove the guilt that bedevils it, and bake it into the gift-giving process from the get-go as an open and beautiful expression of honesty? Brain Pickings

Obviously, Brain Pickings can write better than I do, and their idea is brilliant. Place their re-gifting icons on  your gifts, make them into stickers, or use the gift wrap design, all created by Josh Boston

Visit their site for all the icons you can download, with a Creative Commons license

I have strong opinions about holiday gifting, here are some Real World Green shows that talk bout greening your christmas:

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Troy-Bilt Flex

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