Rick Returns! GF Radio 343

Water Conservation, Olive Oil & Salad Dressing, Tomato Grafting, & what else do we talk about? Rick is back from his trip, so we are back on GF Radio. Rick and Eric got to meet up in Brooklyn after Rick’s boat trip.

boatRick gives us some travel photography tips, like using multiple memory cards and storing them in different places.

We then talk about our new rain barrel video, part of our urban homesteading project. The key things here are using the proper downspout diverter, and either screen the entry port of the rain barrel, or use mosquito dunks.

We then digress into rainwater harvesting in arid locations, and the issues of clean drinking water and sanitation.

But then we move onto making your own salad dressing, we have an easy salad dressing video here, that shows how to make your own vinegarette, aka balsamic vinegar dressing,  super simple.

Worm composting and tomato grafting are next. Rick’s first grafting experiment did not work, Eric suggested binding the tomato stems together using rubber bands.

Eric has worm composting questions for Rick. Eric has a raccoon problem in his backyard, and worries that the compost bin would attract the raccoon and perhaps interact badly with the dogs. Rick says the key is to manage the moisture and the smaller the items the better. The worms are actually eating the mold and such that are breaking down the compost matter.

To get composting worms, you can get them online or buy them at the local fishing bait store.

We touch on the EGO mower video sponsored by Home Depot.

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  1. Jim says

    For years I though I’ll get on a cruise ship & I’ll be bored off my ass. Not so; much to do and eat. I say worth at least a try. I’ve done four now.

    For worm compost basement – works for a while till black “bat” flies get in. For compost why not freeze and then take frozen bags to Conn.?

  2. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    Thanks Jim, we will ask Rick about the flies next show. and I have started to freeze compost and take it up on the weekends. thx, eric.

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