Worm Composter Barrel by Rick : GardenFork Radio

Rick’s homemade worm composter; we learn more about how rick made a worm composter out of a barrel. Rick also posted a how-to video on our site here on how you can make worm composter, and gives us some more pointers.

How to make kefir: Producer Sarah tell us how she made kefir, a fermented milk beverage, with special grains she ordered on the web KefirLady.com . You can’t just start making kefir, you have to get the grains from someone. We will be talking about how to make your own soap with Sarah soon, btw.

Rick isn’t into smoothies, we learn. And Eric confesses that he forgot to post the cedar jelly tasting from the Cedar Jelly a viewer sent us.

If you chain saw wont start, watch this how-to video, and then listen to us talk about chain saw repair

Rick is growing malibar spinach in his aquaponics greenhouse, its not a true spinach, it is a vine and you harvest the leaves. You can read more about Rick’s aquaponics and aquaculture here.

How to pollinate tomatoes in a greenhouse? Rick tell us how to pollinate vegetables in a greenhouse with a toothbrush, you have to listen to this to understand how Rick does this.

Gary House of Cooking-Outdoors.com has posted several articles on how to cook with a dutch oven here on our site. A big thank you again to him for doing that. check out his new DVD on his site here.

Rick is hoping the cast iron foundry startup Borough Furnace will make a cast iron dutch oven soon.

The letterpress shop Eric talks about is Hatch Show Print

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    Hello Eric and Rick. I am an avid Gardenfork Radio listener and I heard that Rick was looking for a logo for his honey/bee business. I’m a graphic designer and if Rick is interested in looking at my portfolio, he can visit it at http://www.felinedesigninc.com. Eric, don’t be turned off by the cat reference, I love dogs too! :-)

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