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A Broken Rice cooker, and how to fix it & how baking powder works are the main topics of this GF Radio show, but of course we veer into other subjects as well. We’ve posted the Rice Cooker Repair ,What is Baking Powder and Free Leaf Compost articles that started this topic for Rick, and we started a new category here called Rick’s Column. Rick talks about how a rice cooker works and how he fixed his rice cooker. You can buy inline fuses at Radio Shack, bring the old one with you, or search online.

Eric made a how-to video about making leaf compost, and here is a neat GardenFork.TV video about how to make a simple compost bin out of a few easily available materials. Rick plans on working the leaf compost into his vermiculture system, aka worm composting system.

BTW, to make baking powder, use 1 part baking soda to 2 parts cream of tartar. You can buy Cream of Tartar online instead of paying a fortune for a small amount at the store.

For those of you interested in working at GardenFork, here is the link to our internships page. We need a hand, and if you’d like to get some great experience, check out our internship page and see what its all about.

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