Pinball machines run on 50 Volts, Thank You.

photo by Chelle

photo by Chelle

Garbage Disposals as composters, Grey Water for toilets and car washes, the new Food Blog Forum from Jaden, Buddy Club Gardening, Alexandra Cooks, and Mike’s pinball machine blog are all part of this week’s eclectic GardenFork Radio show. GardenFork Radio is all about just about everything: Cooking, Gardening, DIY and How-To, Green Living and recycling, and whatever else pops into our heads. As you probably already know…


mike’s new blog:

Food Blog Forum

Buddy Club Gardening

NY Times Article on too much soap in your washer and dishwasher

Alexandra Cooks Food Blog

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  1. says


    Just wanted to let you know that I love this show. Mike turned me on to it. When he mentioned that he is all about shenanigans at work, I can personally attest to this.

    Mike is a great asset to the show, as he has endless stories and examples of various random things.

    I tried the Toast and Beans with my sister, a vegetarian, and we both loved it!!! Keep them coming.

    I look forward to more.


  2. Tim says

    Hey guys,

    I really enjoyed the show. Regarding the garbage disposer/composter idea, I was mainly thinking of accelerating the composting process by having smaller particle size. The larger the debris the longer it will take to break down. And while you need a certain amount of water for the process, traditional use of the disposer would be much too wet. Operation of the disposer without water or minimum water was my question.

    I recently went through a composting class at the county extension office which got me to thinking about this.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  3. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    yes, this will work just like a brick does. sometimes better, because old bricks can degrade and you end up with brick debris in your toilet. If you already have a low-flow toilet, you should not put a water bottle or brick in it. these new toilets are designed to use the 1.6 gallons they fill up with. thx, eri c

  4. Tim says

    I listened to this podcast again and it got me to thinking. Why the big push for gray water systems? Currently when you flush a toilet, wash your dishes, etc. the waste water goes to the water treatment plant and is cleaned, filtered and reused. It’s recycled!

    Apart from saving money in the long run because you are buying less water, I don’t see the advantage to a gray water system.


  5. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    TIm: one of the points of using greywater is so we pull less water out of the ground or lakes in the first place.

    Many towns are seeing their wells dry up because of so much water being pumped out of them for household use.

    And many towns now bill residents based on how much water they use, and bill the homeowner again for the amount of waste that house adds to the municipal sewer system. So if you can reduce your water usage in the first place, its a win.

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