Pizza Oven Photos from John

After watching our brick oven pizza video, John in Arizona sent us these photos of his DIY brick oven. Much like our brick oven design, it uses brick and angle iron. I forgot to ask John where he got his angle iron from. I like that the brick oven fits nicely right next to his propane grill, right off the patio, all set for cooking.

“My wife and I love your show. We put this together and wanted you and your wife to see it”

Cool! This is the second set of pictures I’ve got from a viewer. A big thank you to John for sending these. love it. See the link at the bottom of this post for links to other pizza and bread oven photos.

John tried out his oven with a pizza stone, and I’ve talked with a few people who have tried this method, its much better to just slide the pizza right onto the hot bricks. The bricks are about 700F, so its pretty sterile. And bricks are made out of clay, which is what pottery is made out of, so i’m thinking its pretty safe to do.

Here are other viewer pizza and bread oven photos

Love that roaring fire in the photo there, and the pizzas have a smokey hint to them when using wood. Do you have a backyard oven? send us photos or a link to your site, thanks!

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  1. Kyle Meyer says

    I don’t know if anyone responded to your question meemsnyc but they need to be clay bricks. I can’t find them at my big box store but you may be able to find some on sharing websites..

  2. Lee says

    I don’t like the fact that the bricks are just balanced on edge on each other, if someone bumps it hot bricks and fire could be everywhere. Please look into making something more substantial using mortar, for your safety and those around you, too!

  3. Crystal D. says

    This is great! We have been really wanting one of these and I was pretty sure there must be an easier way. Thank you for all the tips. I can’t wait to try it!

  4. Alec Popivker says

    What did you use under the clay bricks for support? Did you insulate below? Thanks!

  5. chris says

    I want to try this..does it have to be made of ALL clay brick or can I just use clay brick for the lower section where the pizza sits on while baking? All I’m finding is cement bricks.

  6. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    you need clay brick for this to work, cement brick will fall apart. thx! eric.

  7. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    i used two pieced of tile cement board, aka Durock, below the bricks. thx! eric.

  8. Rob Baker says

    Why not Firebrick? Have you ever thought about covering it with a ceramic heat blanket (I have some left over from lining my maple syrup evaporator that I might try to help make it more efficient in holding the heat in)… also, do you cover it to keep it from the elements when not in use?

  9. Michael melone says

    There is a guy in Chicago on Craigslist giving away 100s of bricks from his bungalo home built in the 1950s . . . not sure if they are clay, but they all have 3 holes in them . . . will the holes create a problem (as long as you make sure they are not open when you stack?

  10. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    i’m not the masonry expert, but if you had all the bricks face down when building an oven, i do not think its a huge red flag, thx, eric

  11. John says

    Responding to the issue that Lee raised. This design is obviously a temporary structure.
    But, if you would like to avoid the problem of say someone bumping into it, you could loosely
    wrap the oven with metal strapping maybe at 2 or 3 locations. Then lay the oven roof down
    on top & if it gets nudged it would at least be bundled together.
    The straps would only be visible from the sides.

    Just a thought…

  12. says

    I am in process of getting brick for one of these. I do have a question, by the way yous is fantastic, anyway, how much heat escapes out the front? Is there a way to make a smaller openimg so you can save on fuel?


  13. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    I’ve seen a few photos of ovens like this where the opening has been closed down a bit, but i don’t find it an issue. thx! eric.


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