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Learn how to build a cold frame and extend your growing season with Niki Jabbour, author of The Year Round Vegetable Gardener. We talk with Niki about how to use a cold frame to start plant early and keep your harvest  going into winter, even in Canada! ( Niki lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, btw )

Recycling stuff you were going to throw out into cloches is a big lightbulb moment for Eric, and the fact that holes in your lettuce greens at a store or restaurant means that bugs were on them, and that is a good thing, meaning it probably wasn’t sprayed with insecticide, is the other lightbulb moment for Eric.

We talk about ways to extend your growing season without spending a lot of money on fancy greenhouses, in other words, how to grow vegetables in the snow. The cool thing about Niki’s outlook is that its based on her learning as you go method, much like gardenfork. Simple and easy, made out of recycled materials.

I’m interested in the idea of using newspaper hats as a simple cloche to protect plants for frost. stay tuned.

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A big thank you to Jean Ann Van Krevelen for introducing Niki to us, what fun.

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    Hi, Eric. I need to buy a couple things at Amazon and I’ve spent a LONG time looking through your site for the link to click through so that you can get a little something for my purchase over there. But I don’t see the link anywhere. I’m giving up! Let me know where it is for next time.

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